Store Policies

East Longmeadow, MA

Return & Refund Policy

Returns within 30 days of purchase and with a valid sales receipt will be exchanged, refunded or issued an A.W. Brown store credit, pending review by a store manager. Store credits may not be exchanged for cash value unless the remaining balance of the credit is less than $3.00.

Cash, credit and debit card transactions will be refunded as per the above terms. Transactions made with a personal check require a 15-day waiting period for bank clearance. Customers who wish to make a return prior to this period will receive a credit slip that indicates the first available date that the customer may redeem the refund for either cash or store credit.

Returns with a receipt after 30 days of purchase will be issued a store credit, pending manager review.

Any returns that do not have a receipt will be issued a store credit (pending manager review) for the lowest price of the item during the past 90 days.

Price Guarantee Policy

We strive to keep our prices as low as possible, and due to our significant buying power with manufacturers and distributors our prices are often the same or lower than the chain stores. In maintaining this commitment to our customers, we will price-match any advertised price from local competitors in western Massachusetts or northern Connecticut that is no more than 30 days old.

If you find a lower price anywhere else on an identical, in-stock item, just show us the lower price from a valid store receipt or advertisement when you buy the item and A.W. Brown will match the price. We often match catalogue and internet prices as well subject to review by a store manager.

Coupon Redemption Policy

We happily redeem manufacturer or other retailer coupons that conform to the following policy guidelines:

  • Coupon has not expired
  • Item/product being purchased is identical to the advertised item
  • Coupon has not been duplicated or altered
  • There are no disclaimers on the coupon preventing us from accepting it
  • When applicable, coupon has been completed in its entirety

Returned Check Policy

In the event that a customer check does not clear the bank for processing, the customer will be notified by A.W. Brown through a phone call and/or certified letter requesting prompt repayment for the merchandise purchased. In addition to the full check amount the customer will also be responsible for the payment of any associated bank processing fees.