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Product Description

Multi-Flock Starter Crumble AMP is a complete, high protein feed designed to get turkeys and pheasants off to a good, fast, healthy start in life.

Features & Benefits

Contains Amprolium

Contains Amprolium as an aid in coccidiosis prevention during this critical starting stage. No feed withdrawal period is necessary with a poultry feed medicated with Amprolium.

28% Protein with high Lysine and Methionine Levels

28% Protein with high Lysine and Methionine Levels provides turkey poults and pheasants with a high level of balanced protein for optimal growth and
feed efficiency.

Chelated Trace Minerals

Chelated Trace Minerals for greater absorption and utilization of zinc, copper and manganese to help meet the high requirements for bone, muscle and tissue strength in growing and developing birds.

Added Selenium and Vitamin E

Added Selenium and Vitamin E because together, selenium and vitamin E act to maintain normal muscle function and provide antioxidant protection to body tissues. Selenium and vitamin E supplementation supports the immune response, promoting disease resistance.


NutriVantage supports the immune system.

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