Wild Bird Seed: How to Attract The Most Birds

Wild Bird Seed: How to Attract The Most Birds

When attempting to attract a diverse range of birds to your feeders, selecting the correct wild bird seed is a crucial element in recruiting new flying friends to the backyard. You must choose the right type of seed that will not only meet the nutritional needs of the birds but also entice a variety of species. Different birds have distinct preferences when it comes to the type of seed they consume, as their beak shapes may vary and their diets may consist of different nutrients. To maximize your bird diversity, it is important to select a mixture of seed types that appeal to a wide range of avian species.

One of the most popular seeds to attract a multitude of wild birds is the black oil sunflower seed, which we extensively carry at A.W. Brown’s. This type of seed is highly nutritious due to its high oil content and thin shell, making it easily accessible to smaller birds. Renowned for its versatility, black oil sunflower seed can attract a wide array of birds, including cardinals, nightingales, golden sparrows, mourning doves, chickadees, sparrows, and woodpeckers.

Another seed also available in our store that many bird species love is Nyjer seed, also known as thistle seed. This small, black, oil-rich seed is particularly favored by finches, including the vibrant goldfinch and the acrobatic purple finch. Thistle seed is known to attract these small birds due to its nutritional value and its ability to fit within their specialized beaks. Offering a designated finch feeder will not only increase the chances of attracting these colorful visitors but also provide them with a reliable source of food.

Safflower seeds are another useful, albeit relatively uncommon, type of birdseed, but because of their high nutritional value, they are increasingly becoming a more popular option among backyard birders. Safflower seeds are chowed down on by cardinals, jays, chickadees, nuthatches, grosbeaks, titmice, doves, finches (House, Purple), and House Sparrows. Oh—the best part? Squirrels, grackles, & starlings don’t eat safflower!

Selecting the best wild bird seed to attract the most birds requires careful consideration of their dietary preferences and beak shapes. We believe black oil sunflower seeds and thistle seeds are some of the best choices due to their high nutritional content and appeal to a wide variety of bird species, but we also would recommend our wild food blend mixes, such as Wild Delight’s Fruit N’ Berry and Lyric’s Supreme Wild Bird Mix. By providing a mix of seed types, backyard bird enthusiasts can create an inviting and diverse feeding station for birds to enjoy throughout the year.

For a variety of options visit A.W. Brown’s now, or check out our blog for more informational resources on wild birds, pet and garden topics, and more.

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