A Guide To Ice Melt And What Pet Owners Need To Know

A Guide To Ice Melt And What Pet Owners Need To Know

A Guide To Ice Melt And What Pet Owners Need To Know

Winter is in full swing, and now is the time of the year for frolicking outdoors with your pup, making snowmen, and having to rid your driveway of ice and snow to prevent slips and falls. When it comes to using ice melt, pet owners need to be very cognizant of what they are using.

There are several main types of ice melters, including sodium chloride, magnesium chloride, and calcium chloride (sand can be used, too). While ice melts can be essential, not all types are safe to use around animals. Some are highly toxic when ingested, while others cause irritation to your pet’s paws, skin, and/or mucous membranes.

Continue on as we break down each type of ice melt and explain what we recommend for pet owners!

Sodium Chloride (also known as rock salt)

  • It is the least expensive ice melt
  • Rock salt is moderately corrosive to metals and leaves behind a whitish, powdery residue
  • If applied appropriately it can be safe for the environment but too much accumulation will kill plants.
  • Lowest Melting Temperature: 20°F

    Magnesium Chloride

    • It is slow acting and more expensive than some of the other ice melt products
    • It is less corrosive than calcium chloride or sodium chloride, and slightly more environmentally friendly toward plant life.
    • Lowest Melting Temperature: 0°F

    Calcium Chloride

    • Most effective ice melt in lower temperatures when compared to other ice-melt compounds.
    • Products containing calcium chloride are some of the fastest-acting ice melt and most tolerant of colder temperatures.
    • It is a good choice for facilities with concrete
    • Lowest Melting Temperature: -25°F

    When it comes to your beloved furry friend, you need to ensure you find a pet-friendly ice melt that poses the least risk in harming their health. We carry several pet-friendly options, including our favorite: 100% pet-safe Safe Paw Ice Melter! We also carry Paw Thaw Ice Melter and SafeStep SurePaws Ice Melt—all products you can trust, made with our beloved pets’ best interests in mind.

    Safe Paw Ice Melter

    • Non-corrosive and non-conductive formula—safe on cured concrete
    • Pet and Kid Safe even if ingested
    • Concentrated formula – uses ½ of what you would use with salt & Lasts 72 hours on the surface.
    • Salt free, chlorine free, acetate free formula (environmentally safe)
    • Lowest Melting Temperature: -2°F

    There are many options out there for ice melt, but it’s essential to pick one that is safe for your pets. For Safe Paw Ice Melter and many other pet-friendly options, visit A.W. Brown’s and speak with our experts to determine the most fitting solution, or give us a call now.

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