National Walk Your Dog Month: 5 Reasons to Participate

National Walk Your Dog Month: 5 Reasons to Participate

Remember your New Year’s resolution, the one about staying healthier? Well, we’ve got good news for you (and your pet)—January is National Walk Your Dog Month. Although you and your pup are probably not spending quite as much time outside during these cold months, your dog still wants (and needs) to be active!

For starters, different breeds need varying amounts of exercise! Toy breeds need roughly 30 minutes per day while non-sporting dogs should get about 45 minutes. For larger working dogs and terriers, about an hour per day of activity is preferable. And finally, for those with hounds, herding, and sporting dogs, you should be striving for 90 minutes daily with your furry companion.

There’s plenty of other reasons why to participate in National Walk Your Dog Month, but don’t forget this should be a year-round mindset in order to keep your dog happy and healthy. Read on below for five reasons why you should make a dog-walking habit this month.

1) Improve Health

Walking is beneficial for your pup’s body in so many ways, including giving him fresh oxygenated blood by getting his heart pumping. This can help keep them healthy for years to come! Walking lubricates joints, burns calories, and also speeds up metabolism. And if you’re trying to help your dog shed a few pounds, even daily walks for 30 minutes will help achieve this goal. Think about it—how wonderful is it to give your dog the gift of a longer and higher quality of life?

2) Reduce Stress

Think about it like this: doesn’t exercise help you sleep better and reduce your stress? The same goes for your dog. Daily walks will lower both of your stress levels and can assist in improving behavior issues. When dogs act out, it can mean they are not getting enough exercise or attention. This can be alleviated with walking and spending time together!

3) Pure Bonding

Dogs love getting attention from their favorite humans! Although you probably know that already, walking is a great way to give your pet all of your attention. You can observe how they behave around other dogs or people, and maybe have to restrain the leash when they get excited and see a squirrel! You two will get to know each other better and spend quality bonding time. One of the greatest benefits of taking your pup for a daily walk is the pure fact that you get to spend time together, something they will cherish and love.

4) Training Work

Obedience is a big factor in your relationship with your companion, and there needs to be rules and training in order to keep them (and you) comfortable and safe. Leash manners are extremely important and there’s little better way to train them than walking—practice makes perfect, right? From telling them to heel or them not learning to bark at other dogs, getting out and practicing good behavior makes a world of difference. You and your dog are a team together, and should both be confident in staying safe while out exploring.

5) Mental Stimulation

Our pups love adventures! It can get boring for your dog to be stuck inside the house all day long. Just like humans, dogs need mental stimulation to keep them healthy and happy. The outdoors will give your beloved pet friend the opportunity to take in new smells and sights, things that they cannot get indoors. Remember that their natural instinct is to hunt and roam! Although they don’t need to do that, it may still give them happiness and a sense of accomplishment. Plus, they’ll be ready for a nice snuggly nap on the couch later!

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There are so many benefits to staying active with your pup, but you must be prepared for these daily walks! You should ensure you have a comfortable collar or harness for your dog that fits properly and doesn’t sit too tight around their neck. At A.W. Brown’s, we’ve got hundreds of options available for all sizes of dogs. Call now or stop by and speak to one of our experts for assistance today!

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