Happy Kids Garden Month

Happy Kids Garden Month

April is Kids Garden Month, and it's time to get in the garden! If you have little ones in your life, this is a great opportunity to share your gardening know-how.

Growing vegetables is a great start, and we've created a kid-friendly guide to get the plants growing. Let's begin with how to grow a plant!

4 Steps To Growing A Plant

Great job! Now, let's review 4 amazing seeds for your kids to grow.

Sunflowers might be a classic, but there’s a good reason for that and also, it's hard not to love how cheerful they look! Grow them in peat plant pots indoors and then move them out instead!

Lettuce is super easy to grow from seed and also, getting your kids to grow vegetables is a wonderful way to encourage them to eat veggies. And they'll be filled with joy to know they grew it themselves!

Cherry tomatoes may be better to grow than larger ones, as they don’t take so long. Because of this you’re less likely to have as many issues (rot, splitting, etc.), and who doesn't like a nice, sweet tomato?

Sweet peas are not only really easy to grow from seed, they also look super pretty in your garden too. Keep in mind that they love water and their thirst needs to be adequately quenched!

Well, now before you start planting, you've got to be prepared! For your little one's gardening needs, we've got all the tools and supplies necessary... so let's celebrate Kids Garden Month, and get our hands dirty!

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