The 4 Step Lawn Program Guide

The 4 Step Lawn Program Guide

A healthy lawn is easy! We've got organic and non-organic programs for your lawn, as well as all the information you need for a thriving green lawn. Read below about the 4-step lawn programs and when they should be applied.

Step 1

Nature’s cue is when forsythias are in full bloom! Apply in April or before the forsythia blossoms drop in your area. And remember, no seeding during Step 1.

But if you want to seed with your 4-step program, we have options. Step 1 seeding option prevents crabgrass, while allowing you to seed. Grade, rake, seed, and then apply fertilizer. Do not disturb soil after applying.

Step 2

Apply 6-8 weeks after Step 1 to a damp lawn. Do not water for 2 days after this.

Step 3

Apply early July. This is an excellent time to seed bare areas. Keep in mind Step 3 needs to be watered in!

Step 4

Apply August—November (weather pending), or after the leaves have been raked off and after you have mowed the lawn for the last time. Help strengthen your lawn and protect it for the winter.

4 Step Program Pricing

A.W. Brown’s Pro Lawn Tip

Lime may be applied at any time during the year with these applications. Liming increases the pH of our acidic soil and a correct pH optimizes fertilizer uptake by the lawn. For best results, a pH test should be done to see how much lime is needed for your lawn.

Wake up your lawn with an early spring feeding–that way you don’t rush to put Step 1 crabgrass control down too soon.

Need assistance?

If you would like further assistance or cannot decide on which 4 step program to choose, our experts are here! We’ll be waiting to help with whatever you need, so come on down to Brown’s today!

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