Our Winter Pet Prep Guide

Our Winter Pet Prep Guide

We’re here for your pets all year long, and the winter is no exception to that! As the dark and cold months approach quickly, we want to make sure your furry friend is prepared. Continue on as we’ll be highlighting several of our favorite winter-themed pet products!

Pet Beds

What better than snuggling up in a warm bed while the snow comes down? We all love that feeling of getting comfortable, and so do your pets! A.W. Brown’s carries a wide variety of U.S.A.-made, machine washable, and self-heating beds!

Some of our options include Aspen Pet’s Self Warming Pet Beds, Squishmallows Pet Beds that come in a variety of colors and styles, Canine Creations Arlee Sofa Pet Beds, and many more.

Okay… time to get cozy and take a cat nap!

Pet Blankets

No pet bedding set is complete without a blanket for your four-legged buddy! Pet throw blankets are versatile and can be used as a dog blanket for the couch or bed, a comfortable seat cover for the car, a cover for the pet crate, or as a designated cat kneading blanket for all those biscuits your kitty makes. Check out our Best Friends by Sheri Pet Throw Blanket!

Indoor Enrichment

Once the ground is all white and it’s a little too chilly to go for as many walks in the park as you did in the summer, your pet might be yearning for a little more excitement. Don’t worry—with our extensive selection of dog, cat, and small animal toys, there’s something for your pet! From tough chews and bones to cat lasers and those adorable catnip mice toys, your furry friend will be more than satisfied with all of our available options. Check out our blog on great indoor games with your pets, as well.

Pet Coats

Now that we’ve covered the indoor warmth and fun, it’s time to prepare for outdoor adventures. We stay up to date with all the latest trends in cold and rainy weather dog fashion—including rain, snow, and cool weather protection. From WeatherBeeta waterproof windbreakers to Canada Pooch’s stylish line of parkas, jackets, and hats, we’ve got it all. And, our experts would love to help you determine the right sizing for your pup!

Pet Booties

Next up is our all-season booties! Goo-eez booties, which come in all sizes, are revolutionizing dog boots with their patented Form-Fitting Gel Technology that allows boots to stay on through all of the elements. With a reflective logo and gel shock absorption, you can rest assured in the fact that you can always spot your pet, and know their paws are safe too.

For those who like to get a little more adventurous, we’ve got Alcott’s Adventure Boots! Suitable for rough terrains, their thick rubber soles will put ease in your dog’s trek.

Finally, for the people whose dogs aren’t a fan of having boots on their feet, we’ve got Musher's Secret: a 100% natural, food grade, moisturizing protectant wax that forms a breathable barrier for your animals' paws.

Pet-Safe Ice Melt

Massachusetts and Connecticut are definitely a place where ice melt is needed in the winter, and for good reason. It keeps sidewalks clear, driveways and parking lots ice-free, and ensures that roads are safe for driving. However, while ice melts can be essential, not all types are safe to use around animals. Some are highly toxic when ingested, while others cause irritation to your pet’s paws, skin, and/or mucous membranes.

This is why we carry pet-friendly ice melt, including our favorite: 100% pet-safe Safe Paw Ice Melter! We also carry Paw Thaw Ice Melter and SafeStep SurePaws Ice Melt—all products you can trust, made with our beloved pets’ best interests in mind.

Winter Can Be Exciting!

While the winter can oftentimes be a dark and dreary time for many people, we believe otherwise. With the right preparation, your pet can have a safe and fun time all through the holidays. For specific recommendations about products or sizing, come on down to A.W. Brown’s and speak with one of our experts! Or, give us a call now.

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